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  • Cathy Morghese is specialized in holistic nutrition. She graduated in biology applied to the food industry and biotechnology from the University of Strasbourg, Cathy Morghese has spent a large part of her career working for various large companies.
  • In 2016, she decided to return to her first passion, nutrition and obtained a technical degree in dietetics and clinical nutrition 2 years later. In 2020, she also obtained a degree in Anti-Aging Medicine from the University of Paris-Est Créteil.
  • Specialized in holistic nutrition, Cathy has also trained in other complementary disciplines such as :
  • Humanistic Psychology: Cathy is "Encouragement consultant", trained with Kristian Orozco via the Lynn Lott method.
  • Mindful eating with Dr. Lynn Rossy at the Center of Mindful Eating, USA.
  • Sports Nutrition with the help of Anna Grífols- Nutriexper.

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