Complete Gyne Check

Many potentially serious health problems can be detected at an early stage if you visit your doctor every year. This is because many diseases do not show symptoms until they are in an advanced stage. If you detect them before symptoms appear, treatment will be easier and more likely to be successful. Don't wait to book your annual check-up.

Provided by Dr. Cristina Gomez, Dr.Berta Esteban and Dr. Erika Bonacina.

€250 EUR

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Step 1: Buy Your Treatment.
Step 2: We Coordinate Your Appointment
Step 3: Follow-up With Our Specialist

Tests can be purchased and paid for online. There is no need for a doctor's appointment or a referral.
Regarding your lab results and personal information, we will always guarantee strict confidentiality. A copy of your lab results will not be sent to your doctor or insurance company.

* Regarding the results, a medical visit with our doctor is recommended to go through it.