Allgemeiner jährlicher Gesundheitscheck - Frauen über 40

The medical examinations and assessment scheduled as part of this visit are as follows:

  • Review of a comprehensive health screening questionnaire, including individual, gynecological, family and lifestyle health parameters.
  • Review of immunization status and update, if applicable.
  • Measurement of height, weight and body mass index (BMI).
  • Complete physical examination by an expert physician.
  • Measurement of blood pressure.
  • Complete blood and urine analysis. Blood glucose (diabetes and pre-diabetes diagnosis), cholesterol, calcium and vitamin D levels, as well as liver, kidney and thyroid function tests.
  • Resting ECG (a painless test that looks at your heart rate and rhythm, whether your heart is enlarged if you have high blood pressure, and whether you have had a heart attack)
  • Ear and vision assessment (audiometry and optometry tests).
  • Breast examination and instructions for self-examination.Cervical smear.
  • HPV typing (cervical cancer screening)
  • Nutritional check-up by videoconsultation.

Age and risk factor specific tests:

  • Mammography.
  • Calculation of cardiovascular risk
  • Hormonal profile.
  • Colon cancer screening.

Delivery and review of the complete medical report.

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